Travelmate Robotics is the company that wowed at the Consumer Electronics Show this past January with their robotic luggage that automatically follows behind you like an ex-girlfriend that you just can’t seem to shake. Now, it looks like they are ready to take a bold step in a new direction.

“We’ve already developed something that follows behind you,” said David Near, CEO of Travelmate Robotics. “The natural next objective was to develop something that follows in front of you.”

That “something” is a new Smart TV that will always stay right in front of you. It uses sensors to recognize where you are looking at all times, and will quickly wheel right to that spot, nimbly avoiding obstacles that might be in it’s way, such as coffee tables, sofas, and wives.

“This is going to be a great way to just totally tune out, with as little effort as possible. People are so accustomed to looking at their phones all the time, but that requires the use of your hands. This television will leave your hands free to do whatever you want, while always keeping what’s important right in front of your face,” said Near. “The TV will be totally voice controlled, so no need to carry around a remote with you. It will operate on simple commands such as ‘TV, on,’ ‘TV, follow,’ and ‘TV, Play Baby Ballroom on Netflix,’ similar to how you would interact with any smart virtual assistant, or your pet dog.

The TV will be curved and will come in 70″, 85″, and 90″ sizes for totally immersive watching experiences and as much blockage of the outside world as possible. And yes, the Travelmate Robots Smart TV will in fact even follow you around outside, assuring that you will never again need to look at nature, or at other people.
by Myron Massey

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