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Amazon Announces Alexa Sponsorship Deal With YouTuber PewDiePie

This past weekend, Amazon made a surprising move in announcing that it would be entering into a partnership with YouTube star Felix Kjellberg, known popularly as PewDiePie, in order to sell more units of it’s flagship smart-home hub Amazon Echo, which houses the virtual, interactive assistant software named Alexa.

The new Echo units will have an exclusive PewDiePie skin, and will reportedly say the words “meme review” anytime she hears someone clap twice.

Kjellberg said that Amazon initiated the deal after noticing he frequently references “Alexa” in his videos, asking her questions, and frequently requesting that she play Despacito, the 2017 hit by┬áLuis Fonsi. This is done for comedic effect, as he does not currently have an Alexa enabled unit in his recording space.

In the announcement, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said, “We [Amazon] are so excited to announce this sponsorship with PewDiePie. I’ve been a personal longtime fan of Pew News, the most trusted news source on the web. Through his use of Alexa as a meme, we can already credit Mr. Kjellberg with the sale of millions of Echo units. With the formalization of this sponsorship, we hope to sell many more. We will also be sending PewDiePie his own special edition Alexa, so that he can finally have one for his videos.

The special edition Echo units will go on sale this Fall for $399, and will be available at Amazon, and on the PewDiePie merch store.

By Lois Parsons

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