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New App “YourLyfe” Takes Away All The Guesswork About… Everything

A new app hit the market this week, as thousands of apps do, but YourLyfe, which has accumulated over 200,000 downloads in just three days, seems different than the rest. This new lifestyle app uses biometric monitoring via wearable smart devices to not just inform you about yourself, but to preemptively make decisions for you. The app pairs with both Apple and Android smartwatches, and uses your biometric readouts to determine if you are hungry, thirsty, tired, lonely, in need of exercise, or stressed out, among many states of being. The app then takes appropriate action on your behalf to try and return those metrics to a balanced state.

YourLyfe founder and CEO Cassi Trachtenberg says, “99 times out of 100, people don’t know what they want. And even when they think they do, they often make decisions that don’t effectively remedy how they are feeling. Our goal is to keep everyone who uses our service happy and content as much of the time as possible, by foreseeing and meeting all of their needs at exactly the right moment.”

For example, if you are tired and thirsty, it will automatically connect to the nearest coffee delivery service, place an order for you, tell the service your exact location, and have it delivered to you. If you are stressed out, it will give you a push notification with one of many possible attempts to relieve your stress, including showing you pictures and videos of cute animals, inspirational quotes, or by ordering you a massage through Zeel, if the app sees that you are at home and don’t have anything on your calendar. If the app senses that you are hungry, it can automatically order food via GrubHub, or it can suggest a food for you to eat based on the amount of energy that it senses you need. If it senses that your lonely, it might set up a phone call or a hangout with other YourLyfe friends who are also in need of company, or it may even set you up on a date with another user if it senses that you might be compatible. If your biometrics show that you haven’t received enough exercise recently, it will automatically craft a series of workouts for you that will rejuvenate you and keep you living a healthy, active lifestyle.

If this all sounds like a massive invasion of privacy, you aren’t the only one. Many critics of the app say that people should be cautious of the amount of data the app collects, and the way that it acts on the users behalf. Proponents of the app, however, commend the apps abilities to accurately assess their state and to take the appropriate actions to make them feel better. YourLyfe currently has a 4.4 rating in the App Store, and has many positive reviews, including one from Kirk Deno, who writes,

“YourLyfe is great! It’s almost like it can read my mind. The second I was thinking ‘I could really go for a burger right now,’ a delivery guy shows up with my favorite order from Wendy’s, a Baconator with extra bacon.”

The longer a user engages with YourLyfe, the most tailored it is to suit the user’s needs as well. After each action that it completes, the user gives feedback as to how appropriate the action was. This data helps to inform the app in future decisions. In addition, users do not need to be worried about the app spending too much of their money without their consent. Users set a daily, weekly, or monthly budget in the app, and the app will try to spread out that budget appropriately over the given amount of time.

Let us know what you think in the comments: will you download and use YourLyfe? Why or why not?

By Candice Thomas

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