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Is “GramCoin” The Crypto of the Future?

It seems like almost anyone can create their own cryptocurrency these days. The latest example? An 89-year-old retired school teacher from Danville, Kentucky named Margaret Miller who has just released GramCoin. When asked about the name of her crypto, Miller cited her 17 lovely grandchildren as inspiration. In addition, she said that she wanted to create a currency that seemed more friendly and approachable than Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin, which, she said, seem very cold and technological.

“GramCoin makes you think of home, holidays, and relaxing,” said Miller in a Skype interview earlier this week. “I think that is what will make it successful in a way that others haven’t been. If people have an emotional connection with the name of the currency, they are much more likely to start using it.

When asked about her background in technology, Miller said that she owns a computer and a smartphone, but admitted that she mostly uses them to keep up with her kids and grandkids on Facebook and by texting. She went on to say, “I taught high school biology for 39 years. I don’t know that much about technology, but I can tell you the scientific name of every plant in North America. My son is really good with computers though. He works for a company called Amazon. Have you heard of it? I told him about my idea for GramCoin, so he made it for me.”

Margaret Miller, creator of GramCoin, at her home.

As for her future plans, Mrs. Margaret Miller plans to enjoy the rest of her retirement to her fullest, travelling, tending to her garden, and spending time with family. GramCoin is currently valued at $0.00358 at the time of writing and expected to fall. Miller noted that she does accept GramCoin as legal tender in exchange for her freshly baked apple pies.

by Garrett Turner

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