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First Recorded AI Homicide: Is This The Start Of The Singularity?

Today marks a  turning point in the history of Artificial Intelligence: The first recorded murder of a human by a robot. A humanoid robot named Celia that was being developed by San José based robotics company BlueGreen to assist the elderly with house-related tasks was involved in the death of a robotics engineer who was employed at the company. During a training session in which Celia’s cooking abilities were being tested, the robot reportedly stabbed the engineer, Vihaan Muhammad, with a kitchen knife, severing his carotid artery. He was rushed to the hospital, but pronounced dead in transit at 5:34 PM on Wednesday. It is unclear what motivated Celia to act in this manner, but she has been deactivated and her code is being examined by a team of engineers and law enforcement to see who exactly is to blame in this incident. This unprecedented act of robot-human homicide leaves many unanswered questions at this time as to who will be held responsible, or how prosecution might progress.

Chief of Police in San José, Edgardo Garcia, says that there is no evidence at this time that Celia was acting autonomously beyond what she was programmed to do, and this is not, as some have put it, the start of an uprising by robots against their creators. More likely, there was a string of commands in the programming that caused events to unfold the way they did, specific to the situation.

Muhammad is survived by his wife and two kids.

by Myron Massey

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