Elon Musk’s newest company, CrissCross, adds to the growing list of his ambitious projects aimed at solving the problems facing transportation today. His other companies include Tesla, which is focused on consumer-grade EVs, SpaceX, a company that builds rockets, The Boring Company, which builds tunnels, and Hyperloop One, which is an idea of Musk’s that is being developed by Virgin.

Musk, with CrissCross, is reportedly working on a design for a beam bridge that would span the Atlantic Ocean and allow for traffic to cross directly between Boston in the United States, and Brest in France. The bridge, which would be over 3100 miles long, be the longest bridge in the world by a factor of 30, surpassing the Danyang-Kunshan Grand Bridge, a rail bridge in China that measures 102.4 miles. Environmental activists have raised concerns about the effect  implementing this infrastructure could have on Ocean Life. Musk says that his engineers are currently working on a design that will be able to be supported over such a long distance, and that they are working on a new technology that will allow for the bridge to be built over water that is, at times, well over 20,000 feet deep. CrissCross plans to begin construction on the bridge in 2025.

“This really began out of necessity,” Musk stated in a press conference yesterday. “My companies do a lot of business with suppliers in Europe. I found that we could save a lot of money on shipping costs by using ground transportation rather than air. The main issue was that there is an ocean right where I need to be moving those parts. So I set a team of engineers the task of building a bridge from the United States to Europe. They told me that this would be impossible, so I fired them, and got a new team working on it. We’ve made some great progress so far. This will probably be the largest construction project in human history.”

Musk is currently in talks with local and national authorities in both countries, working on obtaining the permits and regulations necessary for the project. He is confident that they will come through though, because both France and the United States will benefit in the long run from revenue generated by tolls to cross the bridge. The project is estimated to cost $24 billion dollars, which will likely be funded by a combination of private investment and government spending.

France’s President, Emmanuel Macron tweeted on August 5th about Musk’s proposal.

macron to musk tweet

The tweet translates to “We already gave you the Statue of Liberty, what more do you want?” What we really want to know, though, is which side of the bridge will everyone drive on? The right, or the left?

by Garrett Turner

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