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Giving New (Old) Life to Your Phone’s Battery

Improvements in your phone’s battery life is definitely something to be happy about. No one likes having to charge a phone two or three times a day. German-based company RILIB works with cutting edge-technologies to create greener, more efficient lithium ion batteries, primarily for mobile application. Their latest technology utilizes a similar technique to Shizuoka Prefecture, which uses carbon derived from recycled coffee grounds as one of the fundamental ingredients in their batteries. Rather than coffee, however, RILIB uses another recycled material to create phone batteries: ashes from dead relatives. The company has been praised for its dedication to the idea of sustainability, and this creative way for people to leave behind a tangible legacy, while some critics say that they take the idea too far and call into question some ethical concerns with the program. RILIB has allowed some field testing by its employees to examine the batteries under real use. We reached out to Jay Pierce, a 46-year old accountant with RILIB and tech enthusiast, who was selected for the trial program:

“It was strange at first to realize that my LG G7 is being powered in part my late grandmother, whom I was very close to. I think that there’s a lot of potential for this technology though. Who knows, maybe someday my car will be powered by my brother! The future is limitless.”

He also noted that he was initially uncomfortable when accessing his favorite adult websites with the knowledge that it was his grandmother’s ashes enabling him to do so, but said he was able to overcome that awkwardness.

by Lois Parsons

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