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The Hype About This Smart Window: Do You See It?

Norwegian window company Glaz revealed their latest technology, the SmartWindow at the VivaTech conference in Paris last night, which drew 68,000 attendees. In the demonstration, representatives from Glaz showed how the window is capable of connecting to a Wi-Fi network to gather weather data, which it then displays as an icon showing the temperature, as well as the type of weather that is currently occurring. At the time of the presentation it was raining, so the window had a small display of a rain cloud.

Despite some concerns of the redundancy of this technology, there was quite a buzz among the conference goers. “It’s really convenient to just be able to look at the window, rather than looking all the way through it,” said Sherman Gardner, 57, a member of the public and self-proclaimed tech enthusiast in attendance at the conference. “It saves so much time and energy not to have to refocus my eyes to actually look outside. I feel like I would be able to get so much more done in my day with so much information right where I need it.”

When asked if the window could display the forecast for the rest of the day, or the upcoming week, the audience was told that this was not currently a feature. No indication was given that there are plans to implement these additional capabilities, as there is currently no means by which to control the display, which would certainly be required if it had more than one function.

Glaz has its sight set for the future of this technology. They said that by 2020 they hope to have implemented a function that would act as built in blinds, turning the window opaque on command while retaining it’s ability to display the weather. “What people really want,” said the Glaz spokesperson during the VivaTech demonstration, “is a window that you can’t see through at all. We hope to be able to give them that.”

By Lois Parsons

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